January's Outdoor Column

The new year brings new opportunities for outdoorsmen and…
Winter boots from Big R covered in snow

Big R’s Guide to Buying Winter Boots

  As the streets begin to line with snow and the…
4 Fun Gifts That Won't Fit Under The Tree

4 Christmas Gifts That Won’t Fit Under The Tree

Tis the season...the lights shine brightly on houses, the…
Two Boys Sledding

The Best Winter Toys for Kids

  It’s cold with ice on the ground and more snow…
December's Outdoor Column
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December's Outdoor Column

December marks the beginning of winter for most of us even…
Little Dog Ready for Dog Treats | Big R

Your Dog's New Favorite Treats

You’ve spent hours training your furry companion to do…
young girl caring for horse
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How to Care for Your Horse This Winter

Winter can be a great time as loved ones gather together and…
Why We Love Leftover Turkey Blog Header
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Why We Love Leftover Turkey

Warning: This list of recipes might cause your mind to be…
Two boys thanking a veteran

5 Ways to Thank a Veteran on Veteran's Day

On November 11th, we come together to honor those who have…
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November's Outdoor Column

It is November and it is time to think about the big deer hunt…
Delicious Crockpot Meal
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6 Hearty Crock-Pot Meals After a Day on the Farm

Every day on the farm is an adventure. There’s a lot of…

October's Outdoor Column

Each fall archery hunters head for their favorite spots trying…
Big R Lawn Fertilization

Why Fall is a Great Time for Lawn Fertilization

Yes, Fall is a Great Time for Lawn Fertilization You’re probably…
Pumpkin picking father and son

9 Ways to Celebrate Pumpkin Season

If you’ve been dreaming about fall since July, then now is…
Man hunting with his dog
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Preparing for Opening Day of Hunting Season

Preparing for Opening Day Attention hunters! You’ve been patiently…
Puppy and kitten cuddle in a field | Big R

Your First Puppy & Kitten: A Guide for New Pet Owners

Congratulations on your new bundle of furry joy! As the proud…
2016 Indiana Deer Hunting Season Dates

Indiana Hunting Schedule 2016

Getting ready for the start of Deer or Duck Hunting season in…
2016 Illinois Deer Hunting Season Dates

Illinois Hunting Schedule 2016

Getting ready for the start of Duck or Deer Hunting season in…
Dad camping with kids in the backyard | Big R

How to Vacation in Your Own Backyard

If you found yourself busy all summer, and didn’t get to…
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Winterizing Your Pool

Cannonball! It’s time to make your last big splash as we…
Two Ladies Kayaking | Big R
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Kayak & Boating Safety Tips

A day on the lake is refreshing, fun, and a perfect way to beat…

Big R Store Coming to Lima, OH

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 8/16/16: Big R Stores, a general merchandise…
Big R Guide to Canning
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Yes, We Can! (A Guide to Canning)

Why Canning? There are many great reasons to take up canning…

DIY Projects for Kids & Parents to Do Together

Biodegradable Ice Cream Cone Seed Planters This is a project…
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The 7 Most Fun Outdoor Toys for Kids This Summer

On a bright sunny day, it’s almost impossible to stay indoors…
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County Fairs in Illinois & Indiana

It’s finally that time of the summer where county fairs…
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Best Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is just around the corner and we know it’s difficult…

10 Spectacular Fishing Spots In Indiana & Illinois

As the temperatures continue to rise, it’s a great time…
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10 Grilling Tools for the Best BBQ in the Midwest

We are saying good-bye to the snow and hello to the rising…

10 Life Lessons You Learn Growing Up On A Farm

Growing up on a farm brings both challenges and blessings.…
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How to Clean a Gun

You’ve officially purchased your own firearm and ammo. Besides…

Tips and Tricks for Planting a Tree

“To exist as a nation, to prosper as a state, and to live as…

Gardening 101: 5 Gardening Tips To Keep a Healthy Garden

With spring about to make its grand entrance, what better…

Outdoor Workwear: Carhartt Jeans, Boots, Coveralls & More

Working outdoors is tough enough, but how about when it rains?…
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Best Tools for Spring Cleanup

  The flowers are blooming and the sun is officially…

7 Spring Gardening Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

Gardening for the first time can seem a little daunting,…

How to Take Care of Chicks in 6 Easy Steps

Thinking about bringing some baby chicks home this year?…

14 Valentines Day Mason Jar Gifts

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, you’re…

11 Crock-Pot and Appetizer Recipes for the Big Game

The Big Game will soon be here, and that means it's time…

The 5 Best Power Drills for Household Projects & Repairs

Tim the Tool Man Taylor said it best when he asked for “more…

8 Equipment Maintenance To-Dos for Spring Cleaning

With springtime on its way, you know you’re going to have…

The 6 Best Dog Foods For Small Dogs

Choosing the right food for your small canine friend can…

7 Best Grain-Free Dog Foods to Keep Their Tails Wagging

Dogs are a man’s (or woman’s!) best friend, and many…

11 Pike Fishing Lures That Will Make You Look Like a Pro

Whether you are fishing for bass, trout, or any other type…

17 Hunting Tips That Will Sharpen Your Hunting Skills

Hunting Tip #1: Where To Hunt Do some scouting before hunting…

5 Ways to Keep Your Chickens Healthy in the Winter

As the chill of winter continues, we all stay prepared to…

6 Tips to Horse Hoof Care in the Winter Season

The winter months are hard for everyone, especially any animals…

11 Hunting Tools Every Hunter Would Never Live Without

If you’re planning a hunting trip, or just trying to stock…

How to Cook a Turkey: 11 Best Thanksgiving Turkey Recipes

One of fall’s favorite traditions is coming up: Thanksgiving!…

How to Cook Venison: 10 Favorite Deer Meat Recipes

Are you ready to spice up dinner time?! We’re not talking…

How to Care for Boots in 6 Easy Steps

Cowboy boots are meant to get down and dirty! Even though…

11 Tailgating Recipes That Score BIG for the Home Team

Ready to kick-off tailgating season? Well, you can’t…

The 13 Best Halloween Costumes for Kids

It’s time for the spookiest holiday of the year - Halloween! Candy,…

12 Fishing Tips and Tricks You Wish You Knew Sooner in Life

If you are thinking about trying your hand at fishing, then…

7 Hunting Mistakes That New Hunters Make

You’re totally new. We’ve all been there: heading…

7 Tailgating Games That Every Tailgating Party Needs

Planning a Tailgate Party and need some fun for the kids?…

10 Fun Fall Activities For Both Parents and Children

There's a crispness in the air that gives us the feeling…

DIY: Pumpkin Carving Tips and Tricks for Halloween

Do you remember taking trips to the pumpkin patch as a kid…