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Did You Know? — 6 Facts About DeWALT

If you’re a builder, crafter or weekend DIY warrior, chances are you’ve heard of DeWALT. Even if none of the above pertain to you, you probably still know the brand. DeWALT is one of America’s best-selling power tool brands. When it comes to the best power tools, few brands rival DeWALT’s ability to conjure images […]

April’s Outdoor Column

Spring is finally here. There will be a lot of outdoor activity starting up as the weather finally breaks. Mushroom hunting, turkey hunting, fishing and trout fishing begin in April check to make sure you have the proper licenses.   Let’s talk about fishing. Many boats have been heading up and down the road for well […]

Winter Weather Safety

Always dress for the weather. It’s about layers, layers, layers. Cover your head, face and hands as frostbite can occur very quickly. The most susceptible areas are you fingers, toes, ear lobes and the tip of your nose. Some symptoms of frostbite include: Sensory: pins and needles, reduced sensation of touch, skin burning sensation, or […]

July’s Outdoor Column

  Once July arrives the temperatures tend to get very warm and so does the water. This keeps a lot of people off the water as far as fishing is concerned. Sometimes during these hot periods, the fish slow down and bass, bluegill, crappie and walleye really shut down for a while. I find this […]

How to Open Your Pool This Summer

As the summer season rolls around, it’s finally time to sit back, relax, and enjoy your weekends out by the pool. As any experienced pool owner will tell you, the preparation that goes into getting your pool ready to use is no easy feat. Big R is here with tips to make the process easier […]

War on Garden Weeds

You step outside to breathe in the fresh air and admire your garden but then you see it: Weeds everywhere! Plants versus weeds – it’s a constant battle, fighting for territory over your garden but who will come out on top? Read these tips to win the war on weeds! Keep Your Garden Weed Free If […]

Common Gardening Tools and Their Uses

The sun is shining and the birds are chirping! Spring has sprung and it’s time to get those flower beds cleared out and the garden ready to plant! When it comes to gardening, every tool has a purpose. The amount of actual tools associated with gardening activities can be overwhelming, especially for beginner-level gardeners who […]

Planning Your Vegetable Garden

Save money and save time by producing your own vegetable garden oasis. There’s nothing like plucking a sun-ripened tomato right off the vine to create a BLT sandwich masterpiece. Fresh, quality produce right out your back door? Yes, please! Forget the bi-weekly trips to the grocery for the farm fresh produce! Bring your garden to […]

Seeds for Your Garden

Looking to liven up your backyard this spring but have no idea how to get started? Why not start this spring off right by creating your very own garden?! There are numerous benefits to growing your own garden of veggies! For starters, enjoy the convenience of walking out your backdoor to select only the most […]

Celebrating National Ag Week

March 19-25, 2017 marks the week dedicated to celebrating National Ag Week with National Ag Day falling on March 21. This day is set aside to recognize and celebrate the importance of agriculture in our everyday lives. National Ag Week is a time for farmers to receive the recognition they deserve for all their hard […]