Entries by Sam Van Camp

October’s Outdoor Column

Picture yourself near a small stream or river during the middle to later part of October.   The leaves are in full color, there is a coolness to the autumn air and the water trickles along as it makes it way to the sea. This is what you would see if you spent the fall fishing […]

September’s Outdoor Column

Fall is near and many outdoors people now have to choose between hunting and fishing or to find a way to combine the best of each sport during the cooler season. With the crappie run fast approaching and the walleyes that bite during the cooler days of October and November, it’s hard to stay away […]

August’s Outdoor Column

Hunting season is fast approaching and will be here before you know it. Are you ready for the strenuous hunt ahead?             If you are a deer hunter you have about two months to get in shape and we all know this is going to creep up on us before we know it. Don’t forget […]

July’s Outdoor Column

Here we are in July and it sure has been hot.  One would never know that we are only a month away from the beginning of the squirrel hunting season. The season starts the first of August in Illinois and August 15th in Indiana.  It just doesn’t seem possible that we are this close to […]

June’s Outdoor Column

Summer is heating up now and June and July are great months to go fishing for catfish and carp here in Illinois and Indiana.  With our many rivers, streams, and lakes these species of fish aren’t hard to find and they present a real challenge when you hook a really big one.  We have all […]

May’s Outdoor Column

Wow has this spring been tough, to say the least!  The drought has set the mushrooms back in east central Illinois and the lack of rain and the strong winds have played havoc with this year’s crop. Not only has this wild, crazy spring been a detriment to mushroom hunters but it also was not […]

March Outdoor Column

Did you know; That the wild turkey population, nation-wide is estimated at 7 million birds? This is up from 1.3 million birds estimated in 1973. Illinois has an estimated population of 150,000 birds while Indiana has an estimated population of 120,000 birds. These figures would just boggle a turkey hunter’s mind as these birds are […]

February’s Outdoor Column

The month of February brings on the hope for spring and warmer weather in the Midwest. As the angle of the suns becomes more direct with earth’s surface this will affect your ice fishing somewhat as the darker objects on a pond or lake will absorb more heat and radiate it out to the water.  Stay […]


January, the coldest, longest month of the year as far as I’m concerned, and it doesn’t appear it will get much better. The arctic blasts through the Midwest have been extremely bitter this time of the year and the damage to wildlife I’m sure will be apparent as time goes on. The one good thing […]

December’s Outdoor Column

The month of December brings us Christmas and sends many of us scrambling to find the right Christmas present. If you are buying for that person in your life that spends time in the outdoors, the number of possibilities for a Christmas present are tremendous. The upcoming months are going to be cold so outfitting […]