Entries by Sam Van Camp

November’s Outdoor Column

When November rolls around the major hunting seasons of deer, upland game, trapping and waterfowl begin to open. The seasons differ if you live in Illinois or Indiana so hunters need to be aware of the laws that govern their hunt. Your local Big R Stores offer you most everything to outfit your hunt, whether […]

October’s Outdoor Column

October, the most beautiful month in the minds of many as leaves change their color and the entire landscape takes on a different view. Waters cool down, hunting season comes in as temperatures begin to fall. Not only do the changing colors make this a great month but the fact that crappie move up into […]


 September is here and Labor Day Weekend seems to be the turning point from fishing to hunting for many outdoors men. Many will put up their fishing gear and break out their hunting gear once the holiday passes. After the Labor Day weekend, many find themselves fishing on area ponds and lakes totally alone. If […]

August’s Outdoor Column

August is upon us, which means it’s time for all the typical fall festivities. Bonfires, tailgating and of course fall hunting and fishing. Several seasons open during August, such as squirrel, Dove and small mouth bass. While the number of squirrel hunters has dropped from many years ago, the number of squirrel to hunt has […]

June’s Outdoor Column

  The month of June is always a transitional month for the fisherman. The fish have, for the most part, already dropped their eggs, the water is beginning to warm up and the muddy waters of spring are beginning to clear. Mosquitoes become a problem while fishing as well as gnats and ticks and these […]

May’s Outdoor Column

  When May arrives each year thoughts turn to warm weather and with the warm weather comes fishing and boating and the big Memorial Day Weekend at the end of the month. My thoughts always turn to nighttime fishing and big bass about this time of the year. I have taken some big bass in […]

April’s Outdoor Column

April Showers and warm weather bring up the mushrooms and this sends many people into the woods to hunt for them. Most everyone agrees that they are fun to hunt and great to eat but what is really known about this group of fungi? Mushrooms grow from a mass of tiny threads called mycelium. These […]

March’s Outdoor Column

March brings about the thoughts of big bass and wild turkeys so let me mention a few things about each. Once the ice leaves and the water begins to warm big bass begin to prowl in the waters of Illinois and Indiana and the chance to take the biggest bass of the season is at […]

February’s Outdoor Column

When the month of February comes around it brings about a transition period between hunting and fishing and, with the warm weather we have had this winter, many of the local ponds and lakes are free of ice and fishing will begin early this year. Hunters have that one last season ahead as the wild […]

January’s Outdoor Column

The new year brings new opportunities for outdoorsmen and women throughout the area as new Christmas gifts are ready to be used and thoughts of warm spring weather loom in the minds of most people that love the outdoors. I use my winter time to organize and clean my fishing equipment so that the first […]