Did You Know? 6 Facts About DeWALT

Did You Know? — 6 Facts About DeWALT

If you’re a builder, crafter or weekend DIY warrior, chances are you’ve heard of DeWALT. Even if none of the above pertain to you, you probably still know the brand. DeWALT is one of America’s best-selling power tool brands. When it comes to the best power tools, few brands rival DeWALT’s ability to conjure images of strong, efficient tools that help fix and create. Take a peek into DeWALT’s history to find out how the company revolutionized the power tool industry and rose to the top.

Founder Raymond E. DeWalt was a patented inventor before starting the business.

Before DeWALT, Raymond E. DeWalt invented the radial arm saw; an innovative alternative to the traditional table and hand saw. It used a circular saw with a sliding horizontal arm to cut wood allowing woodwork to be done easier than before. With this experience, he left his former business and started DeWALT where he would go on to create even more exceptional tools for everyday craftsmen.

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DeWALT created the revolutionary “Wonder-Worker” in just two years.

In 1924, DeWALT introduced the “Wonder-Worker” to the world. DeWALT created the universal electric woodworking machine that drastically reduced work time for construction and woodworking. Products were now made incredibly more precise and produced with unprecedented efficiency.

 In 1960, DeWALT went international.

In 1960, when the company saw a need for exceptional craftsmen products in the Canadian market they acquired the American and Canadian patents for the Two-Way Panel Saw. DeWALT then teamed up with a US manufacturing company to release the Two-Way Panel Saw internationally. 1960 was also the year that DeWALT began to be a household name in almost all of North America.

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DeWALT introduced the metal cutting machine in 1971.

Cutting metal was one of the most laborious tasks for many construction projects. That’s why the introduction of metal cutting machines truly changed the power tool world. It made slicing ferrous and nonferrous metals as easy as cutting butter. DeWALT brought metal cutting machines to the forefront of power tools and again revolutionized the industry.

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DeWALT released its first line of portable electric tools in 1992.

The goal of DeWALT’s first line of portable electric tools was to make the lives of remodelers, contractors, and professional woodworkers significantly easier. The portable devices allowed professionals to move around without the unnecessary bulk of heavier devices. DeWALT’s power tools and accessories are still popular today.

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Two years later, DeWALT introduces over 30 new cordless tools.

DeWALT launched the revolutionary system of 30+ cordless tools in 1994, including the most powerful cordless tool at the time: the 14.4 volt cordless drill/driver. This system included classic toolbox staples like flashlights, screwdrivers, impact drivers but improved them by cutting the cord. It also introduced new products like the first combination drill/driver/hammerdrill. With these tools, contractors and home improvement workers were freed from cords and could better focus on the project at hand.

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Today, the DeWALT Power Tools line has over 250 corded power tools, over 200 cordless power tools and over 800 accessories – all created to make building and fixing easier for craftsmen everywhere.

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The 7 Most Fun Outdoor Toys for Kids This Summer

two-boys-riding-skateboardsOn a bright sunny day, it’s almost impossible to stay indoors and not head to the park or the beach for some playtime. Make sure to bring favorite toys to keep everyone happy. Here are 7 of the most fun, outdoor toys that are perfect for summertime.

  1. Mini Gator SUV Tractor

This adorable little SUV tractor allows your kids to ride around in style, allowing you to relax knowing they are safe. The mini tractor vehicle has two-speed forward and reverse controls, with adjustable seats that help make the ride comfortable for your growing child. The smart pedal both accelerates and brakes, and the extreme traction wheels make the ride safe and easy for children young and old!

  1. Lightning Print Beginner’s Skateboard

Your kids will thank you years from now for buying them a skateboard! Make sure to prep them with protective gear and watch them take off down the sidewalk and driveway on their own! This skateboard is affordable and great for starting out – perfect for kids still figuring out what they want to do with their free time! Children should be supervised when they’re first starting out – we all want the kids to make it home happy and healthy for dinner!

  1. Jump ‘N Slam Hoop Set

This hoop set is incredibly easy to attach to any stable surface and will allow for hours of never-ending fun! Your children will grow up becoming accustomed to the hoop, concentration, and hand-eye coordination – plus who knows, maybe you’ll have a basketball star on your hand one day! Basketball also allows for great skills like teamwork and sportsmanship, and helps keep your kids in shape and active.

  1. Mini Spider Foam Balls

This set include a soccer ball, football and basketball, all made of foam for the ease and safety of your children! The webbing on each foam ball helps with gripping and is a great way to teach kids how to properly hold and throw a ball. Each ball is available in a variety of different colors. Your kids will never be bored!

  1. Buzz Bee Twin Blasters

These little Twin Blasters will help your kids perfect their aim at a young age! The blasters are incredibly easy to use with a simple pull-back trigger. It’s easy to load and comes with four foam darts that are all safe and soft. The package also comes with a bullseye target so your children can become pros!

  1. Foam Baseball Bat and Ball

If you want your kids to learn baseball early on, this baseball bat and ball is excellent for any age! Because they’re made of foam, you can be sure that your kids will be safe working on their batting and swinging skills! Plus, with the affordable price, you might as well get multiple for any upcoming birthdays!

  1. Nerf Crossfire Bow

This bow is created to emulate real crossfire action, preparing your kids for archery in the long run! This skill will also help them with coordination and focus. The package includes four darts. All your child needs to do is pull back the string to load the bow and fire! Because of its interactive features, we recommend this toy for kids 8 ages and up.


Best Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is just around the corner and we know it’s difficult to pick the perfect gift for the best Dad around. Luckily, Big R’s great selection of gifts will make it easy to find the gift Dad will love. Spoil Dad on his special day for all his hard work, effort and dad jokes throughout the year. Here are a few of our favorite gifts for Dad:

Gun Safe

When he’s not out hunting or at a range, Dad needs a safe place to store his guns. That’s why a high-quality gun safe is a perfect choice for a gun-enthusiast like Dad. A high-quality safe is tamper-proof, drill resistant and can endure fire so that only Dad can access his guns. Choose a safe that looks good and takes up the right amount of space to seal the deal. With a sleek design and space for up to 10 long guns, our pick is the Winchester Safe Bandit 9

Carhartt Hoodie

Carhartt is a Dad-approved brand. So, there’s no better way to celebrate his day by gifting him one of their extremely comfortable sweaters. The 50% cotton, 50% polyester material blend feels like a dream. The corded hood and handwarmer pockets will help make this sweater one of Dad’s favorites. Just pick his favorite color

Drill Drive Set

For the handy Dad who always knows how to fix anything and everything, a drill drive set is the gift that keeps on giving. With a trusted brand like Irwin, Dad will be grateful for all the new ways he can use his power tools. The set includes 20 different multi-purpose pieces

Coleman 4-Person Tent

This four-person Coleman Sundome tent is an amazing steal for the adventurous Dad. After a great day of enjoying the outdoors, the spacious tent is welcome retreat that will fit the whole family. The tent also has built-in anti-rain technology that keeps the whole family comfortable and dry. Help Dad become one with nature

Cordless Grass Trimmer

One of Dad’s many chores includes cutting the grass. With a new cordless grass trimmer, it’s made easier! This Father’s Day gift is designed to help dad work as little as possible when he’s outside. The cordless trimmer is easy to use, effective and requires no extra tools. Get Dad a gift that simple and efficient

Char-Broil Gas Burner Grill

When he’s making BBQ or burgers, Dad is in the zone. Why not equip him with a top notch grill he’ll love? This traditional Char-Broil gas burner grill has two burners with plenty of space for Dad to create his masterpieces. The Piezo ignition system is efficient and provides a powerful spark with every push. Porcelain-coated grates add a finishing touch that Dad will appreciate. Help Dad make tasty BBQ every time with a new grill

Best Tools for Spring Cleanup



The flowers are blooming and the sun is officially shining, spreading its warmth. Spring is finally here and you’re probably itching to cleanup and refresh your home! Winter has officially faded, but the bitter winds and icy remnants may have left a lasting impression on your plants, landscape, and home’s exterior. To prepare for the new season, it’s time to get outdoors, grab some tools, and begin to refresh those flower beds and lawns. Here are a few of our favorite tools to help make spring cleaning one of the best times of the year:

1. Stihl High Performance Engine Oil

It’s in your best interest to replace your engine oil after months of not using certain tools and devices. When oil sits inside a tool for too long during the cold, harsh winter, it will often lose its performance quality. To keep your tools running good as new, we recommend using Stihl’s engine oil for a cleanup that won’t too hard. You’ll notice a huge difference in the performance of your tools and the time that it takes you to get the job done!

2. DeWALT 16 Pc. Pilot Point Drill Bit Set

This drill piece set is perfect if you’re in the mood to get crafty and creative this season! Starting new projects will be fun and engaging with these tools within arm’s reach. The Pilot Point marking is famous for starting instantly on contact, leaving clean and precise holes without any frustration. The tapering construction also increases durability, meaning you’ll have this set for a long time!

3. Milwaukee Electric 1/2 Magnum Drill

Milwaukee is a brand that you can trust, and this product in particular is a great investment that will be a reliable tool for years to come. With its easy-to-hold handle that makes construction and industrial work easy, it will quickly become one of your favorites. It moves forwards and backwards through wood, plastic, composite and metal materials with precision, and is remarkably speedy! DIY projects never looked so easy!

4. Stihl Motomix

Stihl Motomix has long been known to be one of the best fuels for your tools! It is made with high quality ingredients that ensure you’ll get a powerful impact from your devices with the best possible efficiency, every time. Its non-ethanol and high-octane, premixed and blended for the greatest performance possible.

5. DeWALT 20V Max Impact Driver

This brushless impact driver by DeWALT is truly worth its weight in gold! With 3 speeds powered by lithium ion, this drill provides application specific control for the user. The brushless feature provides approximately 57% more run time than tools with brushes. Accessory changes only require quick and easy operations – you can even do it with one hand! Also built to be compact, you can fit the impact driver into tight spaces with ease.

6. Milwaukee High Torque Impact Wrench

This tool is unrivaled in its class! It is incredibly powerful and more compact than any other comparable tool, and supplies a precise and efficient 450 ft-lbs of torque. The trustworthy 4-pole motor from Milwaukee is able to make your time as efficient and impactful as it can be. This is a tool you’ll definitely want to have on your tool bench!

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The 5 Best Power Drills for Household Projects & Repairs


Tim the Tool Man Taylor said it best when he asked for more power!” (Arr-arr-arr!) Make your home and workshop projects a breeze by selecting the best power drill. It’s best to know your available options in power, mobility and weight when seeking the best drill for the work you’re needing to accomplish.

No matter what tool you’re using, it should always feel comfortable during use. A specific drill may feel pretty good when you first pick it up but begin to consider how it will feel after hours of use. Again, it’s best to keep in the mind the work that needs accomplished and balance the power desired against the size and weight that can be comfortably handled. Below are five of the best power drills that belong on every workbench.

Power Drill #1: Makita

Makita is known as one of the best power drills in the industry.

A few talented engineers designed its high-torque motor and drive train to squeeze every ounce of performance from the battery. It also exhibits excellent industrial design.

For a large and heavy drill, it is very well balanced and handles easily due to a nicely shaped handle with lots of rubber over-mold.

Power Drill #2: Milwaukee

This drill is lightweight, easy to use, and it drives fasteners with no problem! Its battery charges incredibly fast, too.

It also has great torque thanks to Milwaukees “XC effect”. It is a powerful drill and is reasonably compact.

The Milwaukee power drill is very common in commercial construction, and is perhaps the most recommendable for anyone looking for top-notch performance.

Power Drill #3: Bosch

This compact drill performs admirably as a driver with a pressure-treated beam. The drill’s extremely lightweight and versatile 3-jawed chuck make it an easy choice for any quick work or afternoon projects.

Though strong for its size, the limit of the small battery mean that you may need additional batteries handy if you have a long project ahead.

The Bosch power drill is the perfect tool if you only need to drill small holes and drive bolts and screws. This drill can work through smaller jobs for a reasonable amount of time, putting in our top five choices for power drills.

Power Drill #4: Ryobi

Ryobi was once the runt of the power tool litter.

What has given Ryobi the opportunity to shine and stand out? Their Autoshift clutch, which lets the drill decide whether to speed up or kick on the torque to drive a bolt.

You can adjust the clutch settings from torque numbers up to a drill icon, but once you pull the trigger, you cannot override the automatic gearshift. Locked in the high-speed setting, the drill becomes comfortable when driving lag bolts and screws.

Power Drill #5: DeWalt

DeWalt is a great choice in drills for its brute strength and speed.

It has 22 clutch settings and three-speed settings. Its ½ inch chuck is equipped with carbide jaws that resist wear.

This is an easy-to-handle, pro-grade product. It has the smoothest-turning clutch ring and a cool three-speed transmission with graphics that match speed to the task.

The DeWalt drill has all the makings of a great drill – a comfortable and ergonomic grip, and a great power to size to weight ratio, making for a solid performance model.

Don’t forget to check out the DeWalt Combo Kits, which is the best deal when it comes to buying power tools.