7 Tailgating Games That Every Tailgating Party Needs


Planning a Tailgate Party and need some fun for the kids? No worries! Here are 7 Tailgating Games that your kids are sure to enjoy:

Game #1: Cornhole

This game is a classic favorite that no kid can say no to! Cornhole is simple, fun, and stress-free. It’s probably one of the most popular tailgating games, and it hasn’t failed since!

You can purchase a Cornhole game kit at any popular superstore. It comes with two raised rectangular boards with a hole in each at the far end (the “cornhole”) and 4 small bags for tossing.

The game usually involves 2-4 players, with each player tossing their bags towards the opposite board and trying to make it into the hole.

The player wins 3 points if the bag lands in the hole and 1 point if the bag lands on the board.

The first player to reach 21 points is the winner!

Game #2: Ladder Golf

Ladder Golf is a fun outdoor game that everybody can have fun participating in!

The game involves two teams who take turns trying to throw a “bola” made out of two golf balls connected by a rope at a ladder. Each ladder in the game has three rings, and each ring is worth 1, 2, or 3 points.

To win, a team needs to reach 21 points.

For this game, you will need to create a toss line that is placed 15 feet from the ladder. This line signifies where the players will throw their bolas at the opposite team’s ladder.

Usually, the lower ring of the ladder is worth 1 point, the middle is worth 2, and the highest is worth 3. The first team that goes first is determined by a coin toss.

During the rounds, each player takes turns throwing his or her bolas at the opponent’s ladder. Make sure they throw them one at a time!

The fun part about this game is that the opponents (if you wish) are allowed to distract the other players when they are tossing their bolas by making noises or funny faces! This can happen as long as they don’t actually touch the opponent.

This is sure to be a hit with the kids at your tailgate!

Game #3: Horseshoes

Horseshoes is a traditional and fun backyard game that is fun for the whole family. Tell your kids to put down the iPad and come and pitch some shoes!

All you need for this game are 4 horseshoes and 2 stakes.

Make the game even more fun by allowing the kids to paint their horseshoes in the team colors of their choosing!

If you want to do a true regulation game, create two sand pits that are about 40 feet apart (or shorter depending on the age of your kids) and have the stake positioned in the center of the pits.

The rules are simple; if you horseshoe rings around the stake, you receive 3 points, if the horseshoe leans on the stake, you get 2 points, and whoever’s horseshoe lands closest to the stake earns one point.

The original rules state that the horseshoe must be within a shoe’s length distance of the stake, but you can bend the rules a bit for your younger players!

Whoever wins a total of 15 points first wins!

Game #4: Giant Jenga

Who doesn’t love a good game of Jenga?! And what better than a giant version!

All you need for this game is a giant Jenga set that you can purchase at your local superstore. If you want to do more of a DIY version, all you need is 54 wooden blocks cut to the same size from 2×4 pieces of wood.

This game has a little bit of suspense but a whole lot of fun!

To assemble, lay three blocks on the ground so they are touching each other and are parallel. Lay three more blocks on top in the opposite way and repeat with the rest of the blocks.

To play, each player needs to take turns trying to carefully remove or push out a block with one hand while preventing any disturbance to the other blocks in the tower! After (or if) the block is removed, it is placed on the top of the tower.

Whoever is the first to make the tower tip over loses!

Game #5: Balloon Darts 

This is a fun and easy DIY Tailgate game that the kids will love, especially if the winners get prizes!

All you need to do is blow up some colorful balloons and staple them to a sturdy board and lean them against a wall. You also need a couple darts of course!

To amp up the fun, fill each balloon with a paper and a number on it that wins different prizes! Prizes can be anything from small toys, candy, or ice cream, and anything else you can think of!

To fit the theme, pick balloon colors that correspond to the team you are tailgating for.

Just make sure to remind the kids to be very careful with the darts, and make sure you are the only one who is picking them up!

Game #6: Cup Races

Try something new for the kids and allow them to get a little competitive with cup races (get your red solo cups here)!

All you need is cups, string, tape, and water guns.

Cut a hole into the bottom of a cup close to the edge and place it on a string. Attach the string to posts or on two ends of two walls.

Make sure the cups are on the same end and the players start at the same place.

The players will use water guns and aim the water inside the cup to move it to the other end.

The players must race and try to get their cup to the other end before their opponent does!

Game #7: Water Balloon Toss

Keep it simple and easy and have your kids play a good game of water balloon toss!

Allow them to fill up their own water balloons and be apart of the set-up of the game, start to finish.

This game can involve any amount of players you desire!

Have the players stand close together at first, carefully tossing one water balloon to each other without it popping.

After each successful toss, have the players step back a little more and make it more challenging every time.

Whoever’s water balloon pops first is out!

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