The 13 Best Halloween Costumes for Kids


It’s time for the spookiest holiday of the year – Halloween!

Candy, costumes and spine-chilling decorations will once again take over your neighborhood revealing the spirit of fall.

But don’t be stuck in the over-used, done-to-death costumes for your kids!

Here are 13 of the best Halloween costumes for your kids for 2015:

Costume #1: Cowboy or Cowgirl

Time to saddle up and ride for Halloween trick-or-treating! Cowboy and cowgirl costumes are a classic go-to, but can easily be altered to fit your child’s personality.

From belt buckles and boots to hats and pearl snap shirts, Big R is your one stop shop for your little buckaroo’s needs! Get a few costume ideas from Annie Oakley or John Wayne if you want to add a little more originality.

Costume #2: Hunter

Ducks, geese, and deer. Oh my! Those creatures don’t stand a chance against your little camouflaged hunter!

Hunt down camo gear such as overalls, shirts, boots, and more at your local Big R Store. Add an orange hat for the full effect and throw a goose decoy or two around your child’s neck for the full hunter look.

Costume #3: Carpenter

Grab a tool belt, hammer, nails, and tape measure to build your way to a great children’s carpenter costume! Allow your child to design his or her own costume by adding a variety of different touches such as a hat, work boots, overalls, carpenter belt, and more!

The costume can be as simple or as complex as you make it. They’ll be ready to conquer any renovation project that comes their way!

Costume #4: Farmer

Every day we eat, we should be thanking a farmer. If your little one wants to grow up to be a farmer, this is the perfect costume idea. A simple, DIY costume that could be used for the entire family! Add a cow and pig and the whole gang will be ready to hit the streets for delicious treats!

Overalls, boots, bandana, and a hat are just a few essentials that you can find at your local Big R Stores! Add a plaid shirt and a little bit of straw to the pockets for the entire farmer experience!

Costume #5: Horse Trainer

Some best friends have four legs! If your child loves riding, then why not dress them as a horse trainer this Halloween? Big R carries many horse supplies and accessories to make the costume that much easier on you!

Boots? Check. White shirt? Check. Khakis? Check. Throw a bridle over their shoulder and they’ll be off to the the races in no time!

Costume #6: Joy from Pixar’s “Inside Out”

An extremely popular film among kids nationwide this year, Inside Out has inspired a costume for its happiest character: Joy.

Dress your daughter in this cute and accurate representation of on the best characters of the film!

The film is set in the mind of a young girl where five of her personified emotions (Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger, and Disgust) try to help her through life as she moves to a new location with her parents.

Teaching kids that their moodiness comes from little feelings inside their head, this Pixar film gives children a real chance to relate.

Your little girl will love brining this happy little character to life as she trick-or-treats!

Costume #7: “Big Hero 6” Baymax/Hiro

This clever and action-packed movie teaches kids that being a nerd is nothing short of awesome!

Baymax, an inflatable robotic nurse and Hiro, a 14-year old genius, team up with a group of friends to form a band of high-tech heroes.

Your child can dress up as either one of the movie’s main characters in the heroic versions of bot Baymax and Hiro’s costumes.  He will be the talk of the town, and the envy of his friends when he flaunts his super-cool Big Hero 6 costume!

Costume #8: Elsa from Disney’s “Frozen”

An idol to almost every little girl in the world today, an Elsa costume is sure to be a huge hit with your child!

The movie shows Elsa trying to master her secret gift – she has the power to manipulate ice and snow!

Filled with fun songs, a heart-warming story and funny characters, Frozen has been one of the biggest hits in recent years and a costume reflecting the main character will make your daughter feel like the ultimate princess!

Costume #9: Captain America/Thor/Iron Man/The Incredible Hulk from “Avengers: Age of Ultron”

Allow your child to fly to new heights with one of the many mighty heroes from the second Avengers movie! With one of these costumes, they will feel like they can save the world (or at least make it through two hours of trick-or-treating!)

Each character displays impressive powers throughout the movie so your child has my options to choose from!

Ditch the Superman idea and give your child a more relevant costume from this amazing Marvel creation.

Costume #10: “Despicable Me”/ “Minions” Minion Costume

Who doesn’t love these little guys?! From the popular “Despicable Me” movie and “Minions” movie debuted in July, “minions” are the talk of the town!

Evolving from single-celled yellow organisms at the very dawn of time, minions live to serve but find themselves working for a continuous series of unsuccessful masters!

These adorable, little yellow creatures are loved by kids and parents everywhere and would be a perfect costume for your child (available in girl or boy costume) this year!

Costume #11: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

With the new and re-vamped movie that just came out, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is back in the hearts of boys and girls everywhere!

Just coming out last year, Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello, and Raphael are back beneath the sewers of New York and ready for action!

Bring out your little, green ninja by letting them choose a costume of their favorite turtle.

Costume #12: Catwoman from “The Dark Knight Rises”

Let your daughter bring out her claws by being Catwoman for a day!

The sassy and cunning character in “The Dark Knight Rises” is a well-known cat burglar and disguised mistress.

Costume #13: Zombie Hunter

This costume is flexible so you can give it your own flare! With zombies being a popular topic of movies and TV today, your child will release their inner zombie with this costume!

The basics of this costume you can find in stores, but have a little fun with it. Add a little fake blood spatter and give him or her some cool glasses that will make them look like a force not to be reckoned with!

Make your fearless little child feel like they can take on a zombie apocalypse at any time with this wicked costume!

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