The 6 Best Dog Foods For Small Dogs


Choosing the right food for your small canine friend can seem like an overwhelming task, especially with many brands available.

Tons of questions may pop into your head such as how to choose between a premium, holistic brand and a natural, organic brand or dry, kibble food versus wet, canned food.

These questions are common and should be considered when choosing what to feed your small dog.

Small Dogs Are Different

Small dogs have different nutritional needs than puppies or large breed dogs.

No matter the age or size, dogs- just like their owners- need a balanced diet that consists of protein, fats, carbohydrates, and vitamins.

Surprisingly, small dogs need a diet that contains high amounts of proteins and fats because they are known to be very active and have high, fast-working metabolisms.

It may be tempting to feed your dog leftovers from your gourmet dinner, but this should not become a regular habit. Real, manufactured dog food combines the necessary nutrients to produce a well-balanced meal for your dog.

Try Kibble Dog Food

Dry kibble is the most common choice because of its simplicity of being ready to eat without prior preparation.

Small dogs have smaller mouths, so their food must be small enough for them to eat. Choosing the correct size of kibble food is important so your dog can adequately eat the food and not have the risk of choking on pieces that are too large to swallow.

If you think the food is too large for your dog, feel free to soak the food in hot water and mash it up.

However, this can be quite time-consuming, and it would be more beneficial to just purchase wet food.

Wet Dog Food

Wet dog food is designed to be more flavorful and savory.

Compared to dry food, canned food typically contains high levels of protein and fewer carbohydrates.

Because wet foods come in tightly packaged containers, the meats and vegetables are able to absorb more of the flavors and look more appealing.

If your dog has sensitive teeth or other dental problems, wet food is soft and easy to chew. You may even serve your small dog a bowl of wet food and top it off with dry kibble pieces for a fun variation.

Dry Dog Food

1) Purina® Adult Dog Small Breed. This food is perfect for very active small dogs. Its first ingredient is protein so it provides the key nutrient active dogs need to keep their active lifestyle. By combining small kibble pieces with shredded protein, it gives dogs a variety of textures and flavors. ProPlan is very conscious of their quality assurance. They pride themselves on their extensive research to produce food that keeps dogs healthy.

2) Hills® Science Diet® Mature Adult Small & Toy Breed Dog Food. This food is designed to help increase the dog’s life expectancy from its balanced and digestible recipe. The food is enriched with calcium to help build the foundation of strong bones and muscles. Hill’s formula has three key beneficial components, which aid in keeping your dog healthy. It assists in building a healthy immune system, adding shine to the dog’s coat, and supporting muscle and bone strength.

3) Blue Buffalo Adult Small Breed Chicken & Brown Rice. Blue Buffalo prides itself on using the best natural ingredients to create their dog food. There are no by-products in the meals (artificial protein), no added flavors or preservatives, and no corn, wheat, or soy products. The company has also added antioxidants, which aid the immune system and provide a healthy, well-balanced meal. The kibble is not only tiny enough for small breed dogs, but it is also shaped to help remove tartar build-up on the dog’s teeth.

Wet Food Brands

1) Purina® Alpo Chophouse Roasted Chicken. Purina products have an array of 20 flavors to choose from. The proteins range from beef, turkey, chicken, fish, and lamb. This is great for those picky little eaters because of the different tastes and textures. The meals are rich and savory in flavor. The gravy in each can has 23 vitamins and minerals and contains more protein than canned foods without gravy.

2) Beneful Prepared Stew with Lamb. Beneful wet dog food uses finely chopped ingredients and real vegetables in each package. The peas, carrots, and barley are kept whole so you can see them in the mix of meat or chicken. The meals come in savory flavors that leave the dog wanting more. They are packed with the key vitamins and nutrients needed to keep the dog full until the next meal.

3) Blue Buffalo Fish & Sweet Potato Dinner. Blue Buffalo is inspired by delicious home cooked meals. Like their dry food, Blue Buffalo’s wet meals provide a healthy, natural, and delicious meal. Each recipe is made with real meat or chicken and contains no by-products. For owners who want their dogs to have a grain-free diet, all of the wet foods are 100 percent free of grains and wheat. These meals will satisfy your dog’s hunger.

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