11 Hunting Tools Every Hunter Would Never Live Without

If you’re planning a hunting trip, or just trying to stock up on your gear, you need to know what to have and what not to have! If you want to be an expert hunter, you have to have the right equipment.

Here are 11 hunting tools that no hunter can live without:

Hunting Tool #1: Turkey Decoy

Spring turkey hunting is a favorite activity for any hunter and when the season hits, you want to be prepared: you need to have a turkey decoy!

You can purchase a Hunter’s Specialties Strut Suzie Snood Hen Turkey Decoy from Big R with lifelike feather detail, specially formulated no flake paint, and a collapsible two position stake system.

The big toms are sure to love it! This piece of turkey equipment will help you bag a bunch of big gobblers!

Hunting Tool #2: Bow Release

Any hunter wouldn’t be comfortable stepping into the field without a bow release. It’s very short, which allows you the have the maximum draw possible and fits your hand perfectly.

You’ll need one that is light as a feather and has a non-collapsing trigger that allows you to get more draw length and more speed!

Hunting Tool #3: Heat wraps/Heated socks

If you’re on a turkey hunt, whitetail hunt, elk hunt, or any other type of hunt, temperatures can drop down at any time.

One thing you should have on you at all times is something to keep you warm through the cold and wind chill. Heat wraps are always a good idea!

You can also purchase Heat Holders socks that will keep your shins and feet warm through the hunt and Peel N’ Stick Body Warmers (only $1.99 at Big R!) that will provide you with 12+ hours of continuous body warmth.

Hunting Tool #4: Bow Sling

If you’re planning on going on a spot and stalk hunt or high elevation bow hunt, having a bow sling will make your life a lot easier! It will protect your string, cables, cams, and allows you to have free hands for climbing and hiking.

If you’re in a hurry, it’s super quick to take off and can be tossed in your pack.

Hunting Tool #5: Neck Gaiter

Having one of these babies is very necessary to protect your face and neck against the elements!

It will repel water and keep you comfortable throughout your hunt. You will be also be able to last a lot longer in weather conditions when the wind picks up or the temperature drops.

It also takes up a minimal amount of room, and won’t weigh you down!

Hunting Tool #6: Shooting Rest

Shooting isn’t too effective if you can’t get a precise shot because you can’t keep it steady. Having a shooting rest will fix that!

You won’t be able to do another handgun hunt without one. The Caldwell Shooting Supplies’ The Rock Jr. Shooting Rest is available at Big R and comes with an interchangeable non-slip rubber feet or metal spike feet and ¾ inch diameter steel post that provides secure and smooth elevation.

Hunting Tool #7: GPS and Compass

You’re likely to do a lot of hunting solo, and even if you’re not, you absolutely have to carry a GPS and compass!

This will keep you safe and confident in not getting lost, and able to find your way around at any time of day.

You want to have both because relying on just one battery operated GPS can get tedious, so having an old-fashioned compass connected to your GPS can give you a better sense of security!

Hunting Tool #8: Camo Apparel

When you’re hunting, you obviously don’t want to be sticking out like a sore thumb. Camouflage is one of the most essential things you need to be concealed.

You can find all your camo essentials at Big R such as camo sackpacks, spray paint, gloves, hats, jackets and pants.

You want to blend in with your environment as much as you can!

Hunting Tool #9: Good Boots

Hunting is all about getting around by foot. You want to make sure your feet are protected and prepared for all of your journeys!

Invest in some waterproof, light and durable boots that will stand up to mud, woodpiles, ponds, and puddles.

Big R offers great Realtree AP Xtra reinforced rubber boots with moisture wicking interior lining and a molded EVA midsole that provides lightweight cushioning for shock absorption.

Make sure you check out our article on how to take care of your boots and keep them clean!

Hunting Tool #10: Gun Cleaning Supplies

Take care of your guns and they will take care of you! You want to make sure your gun is in tip-top shape for when you go hunting.

So, make sure that you are cleaning your gun regularly. Invest in some good gun cleaning supplies that has non-marring cleaning forks to hold your gun securely, non-slip rubber feet, and molded compartments for organization.

Big R has a good deal for Tipton Gun Cleaning Supplies Gun Butler for only $24.99.

Keep those bad boys clean!

Hunting Tool #11: Binoculars

You don’t want to scare away your prey by getting too close, so having a good pair of optics is essential!

You’ll depend on having binoculars a lot to be able to spot animals in the distance and aid in recovering a deer after the shot by viewing it as it runs off.

Being able to spot them in the distance can mean the difference between harvesting a whitetail and eating a tag sandwich!

Check out the BSA Rugged Binoculars for some quality binoculars at a quality price!

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