10 Life Lessons You Learn Growing Up On A Farm


Growing up on a farm brings both challenges and blessings. It builds character as well as perseverance and creates an attitude of optimism. Take in all of the smells and sights of surrounding animals and plants to truly appreciate farm life. You work long, hard days so you truly enjoy the time you spend with your loved ones. You learn to till the earth in order to grow your own food and provide for others and make the most of your land. The lessons you learn on a farm will follow you throughout your life, whether you move into the city or stay on the land. Here are a few lessons learned from growing up out in the country:

1.  Learn Where Your Food Comes From

There’s a certain appreciation that comes from watching a tiny seed grow into a little sprout and then finally a full-grown crop that feeds the country. You appreciate it even more when you’re the one who planted that seed. With patience, routine, and effort, you created something wonderful. What other amazing things can you create?

2. Understand Other Animals

You learned when a cow was calving by simply looking at it. You witnessed live animal births, paid attention to important signals during labor and helped deliver the baby. You could tell when your animals were getting sick and took care of them. Yeah, you got your hands dirty. But more importantly, you learned how to understand animals just by looking after them. No words needed. This kind of intelligent empathy is truly unique.

3. Develop Manners and Respect

Not only did you live with your family, you also worked on the farm with them every day. The hard work of farm life creates an environment of respect. Being constantly surrounded by family means learning discipline from your elders, and respecting them and others for their hard work. Politeness and hospitality are some of the greatest traits you picked up from your close-knit family.

4. Learn and Practice Patience

Time has a different way of moving on a farm. Plants, animals and land don’t abide by regular 9-5 office hours. You learned how to wait patiently, to pay attention to the small details and to not rush through certain tasks. Some things needed more time than others – and that’s ok.

5. Appreciate Nature and Where You Come From

People in cities had backyards – you had an entire landscape at your feet, free for you and your animals to roam. You’ve had your fair share of adventures in wild terrain and run-ins with wild animals. Be proud to admit you were raised on a farm – that makes you more in tune with nature than many people.

6. Utilize Your Resources

Everything has a purpose on a farm; no one likes to be wasteful. That’s why you know how to be resourceful. You learned how to maximize what you have to the fullest. From food to farm equipment, everything was a precious resource, so you never take things for granted. Your experiences have taught you how to be efficient and acknowledge when you’re being wasteful.

7. Realize The Truth About Excuses

There is no such thing as an excuse, and you’ve learned this the hard way on the farm. A job needs to get done and it needs to be done well – no excuses!

8. Acquire Handiness

If you grew up on a farm, you grew up around a lot of different tools and machinery. You’ve definitely picked up a thing or two about being handy. You probably know how to look under a hood, fix a tire and change the oil. You know how to repair things because that’s just one of the many chores you had on the farm.

9. Toughen Up

There’s no crying on the farm! When something goes wrong, there’s no time to worry about it – you can either fix it or you can’t. You develop thick skin and learn to prioritize your time for more productive tasks. There’s always another task that needs to be accomplished.

10. Get in the Driver’s Seat

Perhaps the most exciting thing for kids growing up on a farm is the fact that you get to learn how to drive a tractor way before turning 16. You learned how to drive a stick before many of your city friends who had to wait.

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