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You’ve spent hours training your furry companion to do the trick of the century… and the day has come where all the hard work has paid off! Your four-legged companion is doing it,  he’s really doing it! The thrill of accomplishment is exciting. And you reward your pup with the kibble from their bowl…BORING! Whether your dog high-fived you, fetched you a drink from the fridge, or saved you from a burning building, they deserve a delicious treat that’s different from their everyday food (that’s why it’s called a treat, right?). So, in order to find their favorite ones, we have some tips for treats that’ll make your dog happy to do more tricks!

Healthy Dog Treats

Treats are a cheat-on-your-diet and splurge type of food. This doesn’t have to be the same for your dog! Treats can be delicious AND good for your pup – Greenies Dog Treats are proof of this fact. They have treats that clean your dog’s teeth and help with hip and joint care. All these added health benefits and still delicious! Not only should you look for treats that benefit your dog’s well-being, you should look for treats with real ingredients. Avoid buying anything that looks unfamiliar in the ingredient list, and stay away from treats containing wheat and corn. Hill’s Science Diet Dog Treats are a perfect example of this because they’re made with high-quality turkey and zero artificial flavors or preservatives. A healthy treat is a more delicious treat – trust us!  

Easy Dog Treats

This tip is as helpful to you as it is for your dog. Remember, these are the treats you’ll be carrying around for those training sessions – so make the treats something you’d want to carry in your pocket! This means avoiding messy, crumbly, and sticky treats. Beggin’ Party Poppers are perfect due to the ease and size – it even comes with a convenient canister to carry the treats in! For training sessions with your dog, picking a treat that is small and easy for them to chew quickly is best. This will increase training time as well as your dog’s energy for training. So pick a treat that works well for your pup AND you!  

Fun Dog Treats

It’s perfectly okay -and necessary- to mix up their treat selection! Using easier and smaller treats may be essential for basic training, but it’s key to surprise them with bigger and more special treats for their noteworthy victories. This can be done by treating your dog to True Chews Premium Jerky Cuts or Peanut Butter Sandwich Cremes. Both treats are a little bigger than the average training treat but are packed full of flavor. They are so healthy and tasty, your pup will behave perfectly just to get some more! Another fun treat is “human food” – the food they’re always begging to get. Rewarding them with some cooked chicken or mozzarella slices from the fridge is perfectly fine, but you don’t want to go overboard. Steer clear of feeding them your leftovers from dinner and foods their stomachs can’t process (like chocolate and grapes). So long as you’re keeping the health of your pup in mind, cooking for them is a fantastic treat!

Training your dog has a lot of ups and downs to it – but choosing your dog’s favorite treat should always be on the up-side! Big R has the tools and selections you need to find your dog’s new favorite treat. Don’t just take our word for it… Ask your pup! They’ll thank you by doing that trick perfectly or behaving properly. Treat them today at any Big R store!


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