December’s Outdoor Column

The month of December brings us Christmas and sends many of us scrambling to find the right Christmas present.

If you are buying for that person in your life that spends time in the outdoors, the number of possibilities for a Christmas present are tremendous. The upcoming months are going to be cold so outfitting your outdoor person may revolve around the purchase of something that will keep him or her warm in the outdoors. The obvious present is simple; a pair of gloves, boots, jacket, etc.

I encourage everyone to ask before they buy thus making sure the present is what is needed and, don’t forget, your local Big R Stores will have lots of nice items to make your Christmas shopping easy. December makes up a big part of the waterfowl season which is expected to be about the same as last season. Some duck populations have fared well over the years while others have not done as well.

The mallard, the number one duck in the hunter’s bag in this part of the country, is well known to most Americans. Often called “Green Heads”, the mallard is one of the largest ducks using our flyway. The hen mallard is mottled brown with black markings to allow it to hide from predators. The teal, the smallest ducks which come through our area in early September, is a fast flying bird that gives hunters a great challenge.

Waterfowl hunting is tough hunting and requires a lot of time in the cold. Nasty days are many times the best days as is the case many times with early spring fishing. Inexperienced waterfowl hunters need to spend some time with veteran hunters to learn the ropes as, not only is it a tough and cold hunt, but it can be a dangerous hunt.
Which blinds to use and the proper setting of decoys are just some things a novice needs to learn. Staying warm and dry, training dogs, and o shooting techniques are best learned from experienced hunters.

The dangers of hunting around water include drowning and hypothermia so proper care and calculating each move is more important than similar activities done during the warmer months. Being a survivor rather than a statistic is most important to you and your family, so making foolish moves while around water is something you need to consider before you make them. No animal, deer, duck, goose, fish, etc. is ever worth you not coming home so learn the ropes necessary to stay safe while in the outdoors and don’t stray from them!

4 Fun Gifts That Won't Fit Under The Tree

4 Christmas Gifts That Won’t Fit Under The Tree

4 Fun Gifts That Won't Fit Under The Tree

Tis the season…the lights shine brightly on houses, the tree is up and Santa is ready for photos in the mall. It’s Christmas time once again. And that nagging voice in the back of your head is back, you know – the one telling you that you should really start shopping for gifts soon. Yes, that definitely means Christmas is just around the corner!


If you’re stumped on what to give to someone you love, how about thinking outside the box  or outside the tree? Here are 4 fun gifts to give someone who deserves a gift so big that it won’t fit under the tree.


A Canoe

Canoes are a fantastic gift not only for your loved one, but for everyone around them! Imagine all the fun you can have with a personal canoe to enjoy any time you want. That kind of fun is priceless! Luckily at Big R, we have all you need for the perfect canoeing gift: the majestic canoe, the necessary paddles/oars, and life vests. This is the ultimate canoe pack for a water sports fan. The only thing you’ll need to worry about is wrapping it up!


A Lawn Mower

Once winter passes, spring will be blooming…and that means it’s time for lawn care season. What better way to ring in that new season with a brand new lawn mower for the yard fanatic in your life? The perfect gift for them would be the Cub Cadet Self-Propelled Lawn Mower. This sleek mower is great with its front wheel drive system and signature cutting system. This top of the line lawn mower will make it easy to get rid of the old, rusty and used mower in the shed. The receiver of this gift won’t know how to thank you enough for one of the best mowers on the market.


Your Services

For some people, big gifts aren’t necessary… but what might be necessary is a service that they need and you can provide. Offering someone a helping a hand this season is sometimes more valuable than any gift you could give – even if it won’t fit under the tree. Extend a handy hand to the person who needs their plumbing fixed, a room repainted, the oil changed, and anything in between. Give them the priceless gift of home or auto improvement from someone they trust. If you’re missing a few parts, stop by our all parts store for what you need. Sometimes the best gift is just getting your hands dirty!


A Big R Gift Card

If extravagant gift giving isn’t your thing, then give the most foolproof gift known to mankind: a Big R gift card! By giving them a Big R gift card you are literally giving them everything they could want and need. The choice is theirs! From home decor to children’s toys to pet care they can get everything on their list all in one place – all thanks to your knock-out gift.


We hope this list inspired you to think of gifts bigger than the tree for the most memorable and thoughtful Christmas gifts to date. The best place to get all these gifts is, of course, Big R. We’ve got a gift for everyone on your list. So come in today and load up on all your Christmas gifts to help Santa spread the Christmas cheer.