Did You Know? 6 Facts About DeWALT

Did You Know? — 6 Facts About DeWALT

If you’re a builder, crafter or weekend DIY warrior, chances are you’ve heard of DeWALT. Even if none of the above pertain to you, you probably still know the brand. DeWALT is one of America’s best-selling power tool brands. When it comes to the best power tools, few brands rival DeWALT’s ability to conjure images of strong, efficient tools that help fix and create. Take a peek into DeWALT’s history to find out how the company revolutionized the power tool industry and rose to the top.

Founder Raymond E. DeWalt was a patented inventor before starting the business.

Before DeWALT, Raymond E. DeWalt invented the radial arm saw; an innovative alternative to the traditional table and hand saw. It used a circular saw with a sliding horizontal arm to cut wood allowing woodwork to be done easier than before. With this experience, he left his former business and started DeWALT where he would go on to create even more exceptional tools for everyday craftsmen.

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DeWALT created the revolutionary “Wonder-Worker” in just two years.

In 1924, DeWALT introduced the “Wonder-Worker” to the world. DeWALT created the universal electric woodworking machine that drastically reduced work time for construction and woodworking. Products were now made incredibly more precise and produced with unprecedented efficiency.

 In 1960, DeWALT went international.

In 1960, when the company saw a need for exceptional craftsmen products in the Canadian market they acquired the American and Canadian patents for the Two-Way Panel Saw. DeWALT then teamed up with a US manufacturing company to release the Two-Way Panel Saw internationally. 1960 was also the year that DeWALT began to be a household name in almost all of North America.

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DeWALT introduced the metal cutting machine in 1971.

Cutting metal was one of the most laborious tasks for many construction projects. That’s why the introduction of metal cutting machines truly changed the power tool world. It made slicing ferrous and nonferrous metals as easy as cutting butter. DeWALT brought metal cutting machines to the forefront of power tools and again revolutionized the industry.

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DeWALT released its first line of portable electric tools in 1992.

The goal of DeWALT’s first line of portable electric tools was to make the lives of remodelers, contractors, and professional woodworkers significantly easier. The portable devices allowed professionals to move around without the unnecessary bulk of heavier devices. DeWALT’s power tools and accessories are still popular today.

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Two years later, DeWALT introduces over 30 new cordless tools.

DeWALT launched the revolutionary system of 30+ cordless tools in 1994, including the most powerful cordless tool at the time: the 14.4 volt cordless drill/driver. This system included classic toolbox staples like flashlights, screwdrivers, impact drivers but improved them by cutting the cord. It also introduced new products like the first combination drill/driver/hammerdrill. With these tools, contractors and home improvement workers were freed from cords and could better focus on the project at hand.

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Today, the DeWALT Power Tools line has over 250 corded power tools, over 200 cordless power tools and over 800 accessories – all created to make building and fixing easier for craftsmen everywhere.

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