The Best Winter Toys for Kids

Two Boys Sledding


It’s cold with ice on the ground and more snow on the way. Winter is in full swing! We know that these chilly months tend to take a toll on your body and mind – and the same goes for your kiddos. They’re bouncing off the walls indoors trying to entertain themselves, yelling “Mommy!” every 5 minutes and maybe you feel like you’ll never get anything done! Keep them busy, lively, and imaginative with Big R’s top list for toys this winter.



Want to keep your child active and get them outside on a snow day? We have the perfect solution. Get your child outside to enjoy the great outdoors and that white, fluffy snow to burn off some energy.  Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean they have to be cooped up indoors all day long. Bundle them up and send them outside to have some old fashioned fun with a sled from Big R! Whether it be a disc, a 2 rider sled, or an inflatable snowman sled, your child will have a blast as they imagine they are conquering Mount Everest in your backyard. And don’t forget – just because you’re an adult doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the fun. Pick up a family fun toboggan and get the whole family outside!


Ultimate Snow Fun Kit

Unleash your kids’ imaginations and love for all things snow with the ultimate snow day kit. Playing in the snow is made easy for your kids – and for you. This kit comes equipped with a snowman making kit, a snow ball maker, and snow markers. The snowman kit provides you with everything you’ll need to make the most amazing snowman. With a top hat, carrot or button nose option, the hardest part about building your snowman will be choosing a name. The second must-have toy for any ultimate snow day kit is the snow ball maker. This easy-to-use maker is made of durable plastic that allows your children to make ammo fast enough for any snowball war they may find themselves in. The final addition to your children’s kit needs to be sno-markers. Sno-markers allow your children to decorate the white canvas that is snow with all their favorite colors. Combining these three items into a snow day kit is sure to build lasting winter memories!


Game Room Additions

Even though playing in the snow every day sounds great to your kids, we know it’s not always possible. For the days and evenings where you’re stuck inside, having a fully stocked game room with new games, boards, and puzzles can be just as fun as a day outside! So heed our advice and stock up on fun game room additions before the winter storm hits. The perfect addition is a Pool Table Tabletop Billiards. This mini game of billiards fits onto any table and provides hours of entertainment for all ages. You can also select any popular board game on the market right now as well as an entertaining puzzle that’ll keep the whole family busy. All these items will make for a great addition to your game collection.


Winter Arts and Crafts

Another great way to entertain your children in the winter time is a good ‘ole arts and crafts kit. These can be personalized to each of your children’s personalities and preferences. Does your child love to draw? The the Super Art Studio with over 250 pieces of oil pastels, markers, and drawing pencils is the way to go! How about baking? Edible Sweet Art Sweetpops is the ideal gift to give your little chef! What about molding and working with their hands? The Glow Sand Play Set would be perfect for his/her creative mind to thrive!


Elf on a Shelf

Looking to start a new family tradition with your young children? Elf on the Shelf provides entertainment for both the parents and the children. Unleash your creative and sneaky side with this one. It’s an interactive holiday hide and seek you can play with your children that includes Santa’s “scout elf” and an illustrated storybook. Tell your children the “scout elf” reports back to Santa who is being naughty and who is being nice. They’ll be on their best behavior while the “scout elf” is on the job.


Whether you’re starting a new tradition or adding a game to your collection, your little ones will be excited to stay busy this winter (and you’ll be able to keep your sanity, too). Turn those winter blues into winter fun!

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