How to Choose the Right Furnace

On a chilly day like today, you may cringe thinking about how much you’ve been running that furnace to keep your home at the perfect, cozy temperature. Living in the Midwest, it’s never a surprise when the cold weather rolls in by mid to late October and finally heads out in April. Many rural areas may not have access to natural gas and may depend on oil or propane, leading to quite the hefty fuel bill by the end of the winter season. You don’t have to get burned by your electricity or fuel bill just to stay warm. Consider a new solution – a Big R Wood/Coal Burning Furnace. A couple of logs in the furnace can effectively heat your home for long periods of time. Here’s how to save money and stay warm effectively and efficiently the remainder of this winter:

Burn a Hole in Wood, Not in your Wallet

Wood-burning furnaces are reliable and safe. They are good for you and good for the environment as they result in no net carbon dioxide increase and help to reduce the carbon footprint. A wood-burning furnace is easy-to-use and doesn’t depend on natural gas lines. The Fire Chief Indoor Wood/Coal Burning Forced Air Furnace will cut your heating expenses up to 75%. It includes unique 360° cast iron roller grate system allows for separation of fine ash. Do you already have a furnace up and running? Combine it with the United States Stove Medium Wood Furnace to keep your heating efficient.

Money Does Grow on Trees

For many wood-burning furnace owners, it is possible to completely eliminate your heating bills.  Grab some wood from an old stockpile or chop up a few blocks to toss into the furnace and turn up the heat. Electric heat is more expensive than wood/coal heat and more difficult to maintain. Heaters are connected to natural gas lines and electricity, so your home is dependent on a variety of external forces for heat. Wood-burning furnaces give homeowners the power to control their own heat and use natural resources to sustain it.

Heat Fast with Warmth That Will Last

The moment your home gets too cold for comfort, you’ll want it to be heated as quickly and easily as possible. Having the ability to heat your home quickly is a luxury that you and your family deserve. Electric heaters take more time to heat your home and only heat up one room at a time. Heaters are also dependent on electricity so if the power goes out you will be stuck with those freezing temperatures and no way to change it. Wood/coal-burning furnaces are more efficient in heating your home and will maintain a warm temperature despite forces out of your control.

No Need to Furnish with a Furnace

On top of being less expensive and more efficient, an indoor wood-burning furnace can be affixed inside a garage for ease-of-use and less mess inside! No need to trek outdoors into the bitter cold to feed the wood or leave a path of wood chips through the house. They produce almost no smoke, minimal ash, and require less firewood. Unlike a typical gas or electricity-powered furnace, you won’t hear the wood-burning furnace click on as it provides a constant, cozy warmth based on what you decide.  

Out with the Cold, in with the New

Have you had your furnace since the prehistoric era? It may be time to consider replacement with a new, more efficient furnace.

Electric heaters can be expensive, time-consuming, and unreliable. Wood/coal burning furnaces may be exactly what your home needs. More efficient heating devices such as the wood/coal burning furnaces are an investment that will make it all worth while in the long run with the gas and electric savings. Wood-burning furnaces heat quickly and efficiently, maintaining warmth throughout the day and night, whereas electric heaters can run up your bill and require more time to heat up. The United States Stove Medium Wood Furnace is built to the highest standards of manufacturing quality. Come in to Big R or go online to to find the furnace to fit your needs!

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