September’s Outdoor Column

Fall is near and many outdoors people now have to choose between hunting and fishing or to find a way to combine the best of each sport during the cooler season.

With the crappie run fast approaching and the walleyes that bite during the cooler days of October and November, it’s hard to stay away from the water with the thought of those tasty filets. Then again, there is the thought of busting into the early season doves or teal as they pass through the area traveling south for the winter.

Early to mid-September are the prime times to hunt these as well as the early Canada goose season which comes in in early September. Tabbed as “The Grey Ghosts of Autumn” doves can challenge the best of marksmen as the dart erratically through the fall skies. Some of the best target practice can come from an early dove hunt and those little teal flying along a river can challenge the best of shooters.

Throw into all this mix the rainbow trout season that our states have put together by stocking lakes, ponds, and streams with this hard-fighting and tasty fish and you can see why autumn can be a time when maybe too many choices are offered to the state’s sportsmen and women.

Your local Big R Stores offer a great selection of both hunting and fishing equipment. Not only are these sports greatly covered in their stores but check out the clothing and boots section as well as the game processing equipment. The archery deer season is less than a month away with trapping and the upland game seasons just around the corner.

Being prepared for whatever season you plan to follow saves a lot of headaches once they arrive. There is nothing more frustrating than to have forgotten something the day your favorite season opens.

One other thing to mention here is your tree stand if you are deer hunting this year. I have lost two friends due to tree stand fall; know many friends who have broken arms, legs, back and ribs. The funny thing about this is that they were all seasoned hunters and each one told me it was something they could have avoided had they done the proper maintenance to their stand.

Get a jump on this year’s season by getting yourself prepared. Get in shape because few of these seasons come without some strenuous exercise. Don’t forget your dog, if you use one. Dogs too need to be in shape for that tough day ahead

Whatever season you choose to explore; have a safe and fun fall!

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